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Hi there! I'm a philosopher from Porto Alegre (Brazil), and I currently work as an associate professor of Philosophy at Federal University of Bahia (as the song goes, Bahia never leaves my mind) in Salvador, Brazil.  I'm a permanent member of the Graduate Program in Philosophy at the same university, where I conduct my research about enactivism, ecological psychology and embodied cognition (sometimes I deal with traditional epistemology as well, especially know-how, normativity and rationality). I'm also a founding member of the Enactive Cognition and Narrative Practices research group (University of Wollongong), and a founding member of the Cognition, Language, Enaction and Affectivity research group. 


Ecological-enactive scientific cognition: modeling and material engagement

Giovanni Rolla, Felipe Novaes

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, pp. 1-19

Filosofia: uma introdução temática

Giovanni Rolla

NEL, 2021

Contra Intuições

Giovanni Rolla

Filosofia Unisinos, vol. 22(1), 2021, pp. 21-28

O desafio da integração explanatória para o enativismo: escalonamento ascendente ou descendente?

Eros de Carvalho, Giovanni Rolla

Prometeus, issue 33, 2020, pp. 161-181

An enactive-ecological approach to information and uncertainty

Eros de Carvalho, Giovanni Rolla

Frontiers in Psychology, 2020, pp. 1-11

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Information in the Ecological-Enactive Approach

We try to combine central theses to the  ecological-enactive approach to cognition—namely, the priority of action in the explanation of cognition and the claim that not all cognition is representational—with the more traditional view that cognition nec...


Feb 12, 2021

KNOWLEDGE-THAT and KNOWLEDGE-HOW as prototypical concepts? A new argument against intellectualism

Early in 2019 my good friend Arthur Lopes (who works at Federal University of Paraíba) and I began to sketch a new argument against intellectualism about know-how. A few years prior he had argued that the concept of KNOWLEDGE-THAT (K-T)does not have a ...

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Nov 30, 2020

Fond memories of 2019

A bit more than a year ago, I was presenting my paper on Radically Enactive Rationality at the 2nd Conference for Cognition and Language  in Uberlândia (MG-Brazil). It was the last conference I attended personally before the quarantine. There with me i...

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Nov 26, 2020

Enaction and Niche Construction / Converging Enactivisms

Exciting news! My dear friend Nara Figueiredo and I are currently finishing our paper on Enactivism and Niche Construction. I think we have a hot take that hasn't been fully explored in the literature. We claim that Enactivism avoids idealism and reali...

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Giovanni Rolla


Department of Philosophy

Federal University of Bahia