Enaction and Niche Construction / Converging Enactivisms

November 26, 2020

Exciting news! My dear friend Nara Figueiredo and I are currently finishing our paper on Enactivism and Niche Construction. I think we have a hot take that hasn't been fully explored in the literature. We claim that Enactivism avoids idealism and realism through the idea of literally bringing forth a world. And this fits in quite well with Niche Construction Theory (by Laland and others), and may provide a renewed interest on Natural Drift—the enactivist alternative to adaptationism that is developed in the Embodied Mind (1991).

At the same time, I'm working with my buddy Jeferson Huffermann on the similarities between Radically Enactive Cognition (REC) by Hutto and Myin (in two books) and Linguistic Bodies (LB), by Di Paolo, Cuffari and de Jaegher (in a 2018 book and a couple of papers that came out recently). Know-how is pervasive to both REC and LB, but each one puts different emphases on it. This paper I think will take a bit longer to be finished.

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